Value from earth data

ABACO is Europe's leading player in software solutions for land resource management and control with a primary focus on precision agriculture and environmental sustainability. 

ABACO has been developing land management software for three decades, with innovation as part of the our DNA from day one. This allows us to anticipate the needs of a fast-evolving market becoming a trusted partner for private business and public bodies with a stake in the daily challenge of sustainable development, traceability and productivity.
ABACO has always relied on technological excellence as the key to its success. We were the first to use spatial databases in a commercial solution, and from 2000 we have managed a single modular service platform, our TRP (Territory Resource Planning). This provides for flexible integration with a cutting edge Decision Support System (DSS). It allows monitoring of our customers' value chain through a management system driving process optimisation.

In June 2019 ABACO became a subsidiary of Taste of Italy, an Italian fund specialising in the food production industry managed by DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR.


At ABACO, we help customers tackle the challenges of digital transformation in the world of agriculture by processing and exploiting land data with one very specific goal in mind: to live in a more sustainable world where productivity and traceability as main drivers of growth are accessible to everyone.


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