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A completely customisable solution to suit your needs

ABACO Real Estate is the modular solution offering in-depth knowledge and comprehensive management for land and property assets. It is available both via web and through mobile interface and it supports industry operators through all phases of managing and enhancing the value of land and property assets. Its functionalities range from technical and land registry surveys to tax calculations, allowing for map-based and geo-localised management.

Each component is fully configurable and adapts to the needs of any user. It also offers straightforward integration with existing systems, preserving any legacy data.
Comune Mantova case history
Comune Mantova case history


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Archiving of land registry record changes and title or tenancy deeds
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Maintenance management, from the request for action to the operative relationship with the appointed supplier
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Calculation of fiscal and tax contributions
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Rapid processing of large numbers of rent payment items as well as monitoring for unpaid instances
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Land/property activity stats displayed via the dashboard
The solution provides:
  • A reliable management tool for land and property assets 
  • Direct access to technical, administrative and land registry information 
  • Integration with the Decision Support System dashboard
Thanks to ABACO Real Estate, industry operators can quickly process rent fees for tenants and manage receipts and associated tax details; obtain reports of malfunctions or breakages and create work orders for suppliers; automatically calculate property taxes and process payments; display the location of a building or plot on the map and compare land registry data with official information from the Revenue Agency.


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ABACO Real Estate