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Data processing for quick action

ABACO Knowledge is a Decision Support Solution (DSS) which uses tailored indicators and integrates data from a range of sources associated with all types of land. It allows public and private bodies to analyse land more effectively and to make informed decisions backed by a large and varied data set.
The data collated becomes part of a knowledge layer which determines the information produced. The user has access to all the data required to improve process performance. For example, crop health can be constantly and fully monitored, allowing any actions taken to be corrected immediately.
Our decision support solution can be applied and integrated to all areas of land management: farming, stewarding water resources, monitoring soil consumption...even processes to counteract the spread of plant diseases.

By handling both raw and processed data, we allow all types of users to quickly take action where necessary.


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Simple interface allowing easy user interaction
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Users in control of variables for decision-making
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Full remote management and control
Data sources:
  • Field sensors
  • IoT (Internet of Things) technology 
  • Satellite and drone data
  • Detailed, subject-specific databases
  • Databases provided by the customer
By introducing and using this decision support solution in the field of agriculture/land management, users will see a significant upswing in production efficiency and a considerable reduction in management costs. This translates into increased competitiveness and a sustainable use of resources. 


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