Solutions for the entire supply chain

The agriculture industry and the farmers who work in it are increasingly interconnected with all players in the supply chain.

Supply chains as well as stewardship and development organisations have carried out crucial work towards establishing a new relationship with the market and consumers. In order to evolve in an increasingly global and competitive market, supply chains must adopt new standards of process and product knowledge concerning all stages of the supply chain and scale new heights in guaranteeing quality, efficiency and sustainability, offering a solid base of information and knowledge in the realm of mandatory or optional certifications.
ABACO is the ideal partner for the agribusiness sector and its supply chains thanks to new digital solutions for the various phases of the process: from farming (crops and livestock) to processing and distribution.

We have many years' experience in supply chain projects for cereals, industrial crops and medicinal plants, olives, fruit and vegetables, wine, nurseries, cattle, sheep and goat husbandry. Our approach to this segment of the market involves developing projects that promote competitiveness by adapting and introducing new products, practices and processes as well as leveraging on existing technologies.
The development of production systems takes full advantage of cross-sector cooperation between companies; thanks to the consolidation of local supply chains, ABACO strengthens and enhances the assets of the farm production sector through innovative projects that preserve the distinctive Made in Italy characteristics of agricultural products while improving their environmental and economic sustainability.


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