Solutions for insurers and investors

The management of insurance and credit risks in the agricultural sector - from the preliminary assessment to the definition of the contractual parameters and the valuation of damages in claims - is increasingly based upon geo-referenced spatial databases and analyses from remote and field sensors.

Developing and maintaining algorithms and models applied to spatial data allows for the creation of an essential decision support system for risk management and the assessment of parameters fostering return on investment.
This means greater certainty for investors who can rely on analysis and data. and the constant monitoring of trends, risks and claims. This in turn translates into greater certainty when it comes to forecasts and expectations.

ABACO's solutions allow users to transform indices, surveys and technical and scientific analyses into information and decision-making support tools for the definition of all actions relating to risk and contract management.
We support the credit and insurance sector by designing packages to protect investment in agriculture, land and property; this is in addition to economic/management initiatives thanks to technology solutions which make it easy to produce technical reports defining risk severity levels.

Providing integration with industry databases and the adoption of control and monitoring tools (including integration with BI systems), ABACO solutions offer a one-of-a-kind tool in this sector and in the current market.


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