Industry solutions 4.0

Optimising production processes reducing costs whilst enhancing quality and environmental sustainability. 
Thanks to the spread of current-day sustainability and traceability paradigms, every player in the food supply chain – all the way through to the end consumer – wants to know the route taken by each product: region of origin, production techniques, logistics, the journey it undertakes to get to the shelf, and even the environmental, economic and social sustainability parameters. 
It all starts from the label.

From the very beginning of the value chain we can monitor and manage the agricultural methods used for each plot and crop; the efficiency with which resources are managed; the correct use of technical equipment; and to verify the correct and prompt fine-tuning of all agricultural stages of work.
The possibility of collating, processing and enhancing legacy data from sources from inside and outside the company allows any corporation to be managed more effectively, strengthening results.

ABACO's technology solutions represent customised prediction tools with significant added value, supporting the strategies and planning choices of those in charge of making tactical decisions.