We foster rural develoment
and food safety projects

Thanks to our solutions we are the ideal technology partner for the creation of research and development projects that ultimately aim to monitor, evaluate, and assess the effects of climate change on major global production chains: sugar, coffee, cocoa, tea, hazelnuts...

We work with international public and private organisations on development projects aimed at the most isolated communities in the world based in marginal regions such as mountains, arid areas and deserts. These are home to fragile natural resources threatened by climate change and insufficient communication links whose rural populations live on the fringes of survival.
We collaborate in partnership projects with organisations whose goal is to help rural communities increase yields, improve optimal management of their land and natural resources, and acquire new skills.

By providing technological support for national and international institutions and those with an interest in agricultural development initiatives, we promote the spread of solutions that facilitate the implementation of environmental resilience strategies.
We also collaborate with industrial food processing firms in order to contribute to the evolution of production methods, food habits and new consumer paradigms.


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