The Paying Agency's partner
for managing farming subsidies

Thanks to many years' experience both nationally and internationally, we represent the ideal partner for any paying agency.

Our solutions simplify and streamline the processes used to receive, authorise, settle and oversee payment claims submitted by farming businesses in the context of CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) funding
All EU member states and regions draw up their respective rural development programmes according to their farming needs and at the same time taking into account the context laid down by the European Union for consistent EU-wide agricultural development. Thanks to our solutions, we support agencies in managing the entire range of funding available in favour of investments designed to help industrial farming businesses to modernise and innovate.
The European Commission has called for a more flexible system for the new planning cycle, one which simplifies and modernises the way funding works. As far as disbursement is concerned, the focus will shift from compliance and eligibility criteria rules towards results and effectiveness.

With our experience and tailored solutions we work together with our clients to ensure the streamlining of administrative procedures and the simplification of claims and monitoring. This applies to both direct payments and those related to rural development plans.


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