The Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change of the Government of Malta - specifically ARPA - the agency issuing subsidies for agriculture and rural development.

ARPA's mission is to provide services to operators with reference to the timely processing of payments based to surface measures, and to issue structural funds through procedures ensuring full compliance with EU regulations.


Simplification and monitoring procedures
An integrated system for administration and monitoring procedures to assure efficient management of Community funds thanks to the creation of an information flow for the European Commission and the various stakeholders in the national agricultural community.
Apps for dialogue with beneficiaries and for the simplified gathering of information directly from the field
Development and takeup of two applications: one providing the farmer with all the information related to payment claims and the latest updates in the rural sector; one allowing operators to easily record data and information required by the system ensuring a timely submission of claims for funding.



A platform integrating the software components needed to ensure proper implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy allowing for simplified management of the entire funding cycle, from claim to disbursement of EU structural funds or subsidies relating to national rural development policies.

Through the integration of fully customised indicators and the use of datasets from external registers, satellite sources and IoT tools, the platform processes spatial and reporting data, providing ARPA with a comprehensive view of all items.
Thanks to BiedjaCam - the app developed by ABACO for the Malta Government - operators can also view augmented reality information about their land ranging from cadastral coordinates to borders and protected areas; identify a plot of land on which action is required on the map, and provide the requested data to the central system with one tap. The data is then confirmed (or queried) and funding can be claimed.

In 2019 - thanks to BiedjaCam - the Maltese Government won the Malta Communication Authority (MCA) Business Award 2019.


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