ABACO is joining PlasticLess, a LifeGate project whose goal is to protect the health of our oceans as well as our own. We have committed to support the reduction of plastic waste in our seas by sponsoring the use of innovative ‘Seabin’ plastic recovery devices, in ports and marinas.

ABACO against plastic pollution in the seas

ABACO's corporate social responsibility commitment aims to create a virtuous system through initiatives that ensure and safeguard the wellbeing and the needs of the environment and communities where we operates.  

ABACO joins Plasticless thus restated its determination to play an active role in implementing the European Green Deal, against plastic waste, which is designed to safeguard the environment against plastic pollution and to promote a circular economy model as a vehicle of growth and innovation.

Why PlasticLess

Because the world’s seas are increasingly choked by plastic and the Mediterranean Sea, which is home to 7.5 per cent of the known marine species, is one of the most affected areas. According to UNEP (The United Nations Environment Programme), the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea already contains 100,000 plastic fragments of different sizes per square kilometre.  Among these are microplastics, fragments smaller than 5 mm, the most dangerous type. They’re increasingly widespread, for example sticking to algae that are eaten by fish who confuse them for food. 

About ABACO Seabin

The Seabin is a collection bin that floats in water and is able to capture around 1.5 kg of waste per day, equal to over 500 kg of debris a year (depending on its size and weather patterns), including microplastics from 2 to 5 mm in diameter and microfibres starting from 0.3 mm

The Seabin is placed in the water and fixed to a dock with the upper part of the device on the same level as the water’s surface. Thanks to the wind’s spontaneous force as well as currents and the device’s strategic positioning, debris is sucked directly into it. The water pump connected to its base is capable of treating 25,000 litres of seawater an hour.

Abaco's seabin, installed in the waters of  Valdettaro Shipyard located in the Bay of Le Grazie in Portovenere - Golfo dei Poeti- La Spezia, will allow quarterly reporting of the quantities of plastics and microplastics collected.





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