FOCUSABACO and CESAR together in a Think Tank for a sustainable and digital agriculture

ABACO has formed a partnership with the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at the University of Perugia (CESAR) for the creation of the Agritech Innovation (TAI) think tank. This new forum aims to study the transformation of the agri-food sector in the direction of sustainability and digital protocols in order to define guidelines for the agriculture of the future.

The project stems from the ABACO and Cesar's desire to share the main trends in the sector with the world of business, institutions and learning in light of the changes taking place. Consumers are shifting towards products with strong health connotations and governments are increasingly sensitive to a sustainable agricultural policy, as confirmed by the Green New Deal of the European Commission and in particular by the "Farm to Fork" strategy promoting a fairer and healthier food system which respects the environment.

Among the first issues to be addressed by the think tank are new technologies which may be financed by the Next Generation EU program for innovative development of rural areas; the adoption of agriculture 4.0 in farming enterprises; the European "Farm to Fork" strategy and technologies to support supply chains; establishing new indicators and targets from new CAP guidelines; the evolution of risk management in agriculture.


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