ABACO Farmer is the first platform to be certified as a tax credit access tool for the promotion of investment in research & development and technological innovation in agriculture.

Fulfilling the requirements of the 2020 Italy Budget for the support of companies investing in the purchase of assets which promote the transition to industry 4.0, the ABACO platform becomes a tool fostering a view of agriculture able to use innovation to optimize production processes.

This innovative management system coupled with deep land knowledge falls into the category of “Software, systems platforms and applications for the management and coordination of production with high integration features of service activities such as internal and external logistics and maintenance” as well as “Innovative solutions with features related to the paradigms of IoT and cloud computing”. ABACO Farmer enables users of IoT sensors, machinery, plants, production facilities, logistics networks and distribution channels to create and manage systems in an integrated way.

This makes it possible to monitor the entire value chain through acquired data and organize information into a single knowledge system capable of supporting the farmer in current and even in forecasting activities.

The tax relief caps at 40% of the total investment in machinery and sensors and is extremely easy to obtain.
Once the integration project with the ABACO platform has been completed, a formal verification is required. ABACO and partners will of course assist in this process which then leads to the drafting of a final report.

Thanks to the exploitation of land and agronomic data this smart farming platform encourages farms to undertake a more efficient and sustainable production model. It is therefore recognised as a tool for the dissemination of an innovative culture which brings about the design of integrated and connected systems in which technology and individuals work together to achieve new sustainability goals.

All information on tax credit 4.0 can be found on the Italian Ministry of Economic Development website.

Visit the ABACO Farmer website https://www.abacofarmer.com


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