ABACO and Earthworm Foundation working together against deforestation in Cavally forest, Ivory Coast

Cavally forest has a surface area of around 67,593 hectares, but it is at risk due to illegal cocoa plantations.

Abaco has provided Earthworm Foundation with its own solution, Abaco Farmer: an innovative management and knowledge system for agriculture, which makes it possible to exploit territorial and agronomic data in order to collect personal and socio-economic information on local farming communities.

The solution is able to cross-reference satellite data (deforestation patterns, land use changes, etc.) with geo-referenced information captured on the ground. Then, a specific mobile application integrates the data and allows further analyses on trends in the area.

Through this initiative, Abaco Group's objective is to support Earthworm Foundation in defining the habits and motivations of farmers to deforest protected areas. Right after the analysis, Abaco, along with the communities, and partners, will be able to find incentives for farmers to continue producing cocoa in a sustainable way.





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