RoadMap new release 2016

SITI Agri RoadMap 2016

Abaco is pleased to invite you to SITI RoadMap 2016. This is a regular event for all Abaco Clients and Partners and aims to showcase the current state of play of our software platform, news from the research and development lab.

Mantua, Italy, Thursday  12 November 2015


This year the event will include a presentation by Abaco Academy in co-operation with the Veneto Paying Agency (AVEPA) and comprising practical demonstrations of solutions and new technology applied to the farming industry with specific emphasis on the needs of Farms, Paying Agencies and Managing Authorities.

Among the themes tabled will be:

  • solutions for the management of the Graphical Crop Plan, the Graphical Spatial Aid Application and for simplifying the registration-to-payment process through a dedicated Customer Portal (presented by AVEPA).
  • Solutions devoted to farms and to subject matter experts also adressing CAP control system data update (presented by Abaco).
  • Innovative remote and in-field control systems, and new services for land knowledge (presented by Abaco).


The event will take place in Mantua (Italy) - one of the main examples of the urban Renaissance in the Italian and European context and UNESCO heritage site. The venue is Palazzo Te, the masterpiece of architect Giulio Romano and now the home of the City Museum and the International Centre for Arts and Culture.


A complimentary guided tour of the rooms of Palazzo Te will be offered after the proceedings.


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